Laptop Screen Flickers And After A While Goes Dark

Problem description:

The laptop screen works fine on startup but after a while, the screen starts to flicker and goes dark. If you restart the laptop, the screen turns on as normal but later it starts flickering and goes dark again. Time intervals between screen failure may vary.

Possible cause:

1. Backlight lamp failure.
2. Inverter board failure.

Possible troubleshooting steps and repair solution:

1. If the before it goes dark, most likely the problem is related to the backlight lamp which is mounted inside the LCD screen. You’ll have to replace the backlight lamp inside the screen (for advanced technicians only) or replace the whole screen.
2. Replace the inverter board.

If the screen just goes dark without flickering, try replacing the inverter board first, and after that replace the LCD screen (or backlight lamp).

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