Non-system Disk Or Disk Error On Startup

Problem Cause:

Non-system disk or disk error message appears on the screen when you start the laptop.

Possible cause:

1. The hard drive is blank. There is no OS installed.
2. Bad connection between hard drive and motherboard.
3. Failed hard drive.
4. Failed motherboard.

Possible troubleshooting steps and repair solution:

1. You can get this message after the hard drive replacement. The message appears if the hard drive is blank and there is no operating system installed on the drive. Install the operating system and it should fix the problem.

2. It’s possible that the hard drive got disconnected from the motherboard and the laptop cannot see the hard drive. Access the hard drive and try reconnecting it to the motherboard. Test the laptop after that.

3. It’s possible that you have a failed hard drive. Remove the hard drive and test it outside the laptop. You can install the hard drive into an external USB enclosure and connect to another working computer. If the hard drive will not spin or appear in My Computer, most likely you have a bad drive. Replace the hard drive with a new one.

4. If you you are getting the same error message even after the hard drive replacement, most likley it’s the motherboard problem. You’ll have to replace the motherboard.

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