Laptop Power Light Doesn’t Come On When Ac Adapter Plugged

Problem description:

The laptop power light doesn’t come on when the AC adapter is plugged into the laptop. The power light used to light up as soon as you plug the power adapter but no there is no light.

Possible cause:

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2. Power socket failure.
3. Motherboard failure.

Possible troubleshooting steps and repair solution:

1. Test the AC adapter with a voltmeter. Make sure the AC adapter outputs the correct voltage. Alternatively, you can test the laptop with another known good adapter and see if it fixes the problem. Replace AC adapter if needed.

2. If the power socket inside the laptop was getting loose before the power light failure, it’s possible that you have a broken power socket. It is necessary to open up the laptop and take a closer look at the power socket a.k.a. DC power jack. Replace the power socket if needed.

3. This problem could be related to the motherboard failure. If the power socket and power adapter are in good working condition, but you still have no power light, most likely you have a failed motherboard.

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