Laptop Will Not Load Windows After It Was Dropped

Problem description:

The laptop will not load Windows after it was dropped. The laptop turns on as normal, the logo appears on the screen but Windows will not start loading. The screen shows only white writing on black background.

Possible cause:

1. Hard got disconnected from the motherboard.
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Possible troubleshooting steps and repair solution:

First of all, access the hard drive and take a closer look at the connection between the hard drive and motherboard. It’s possible that the hard drive got disconnected from the motherboard when you dropped the laptop. Try reconnecting the hard drive, simply unplug it from the motherboard and plug it back in. Test the laptop after that.

Listen for sounds coming from the hard drive. Can you hear the hard drive spinning? If not, most likely the hard drive has been damaged and has to be replaced.

To confirm the hard drive failure, you can install it into an external USB enclosure (about $20 in a local computer store) and connect to another working computer. If the drive doesn’t work even in the external enclosure, you have a damaged drive. On the other hand, if the drive works in the enclosure but not in the laptop, it’s likely that the motherboard was damaged when you dropped the laptop.

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