Laptop Stopped Connecting To Wireless Network

Problem description:

The laptop stopped connecting to the wireless network. The wireless connection used to work fine but now it’s not working. You tested your laptop with a few wireless routers without any luck.

Possible cause:

1. Wrong settings for the wireless card.
2. Bad or corrupted software.
3. Wireless card or router failure.

Possible troubleshooting steps and repair solution:

1. Make sure the laptop can see the wireless router. If the laptop doesn’t see the wireless router, make sure the wireless switch in your laptop is turned on.

2. Check network properties and make sure the wireless adapter is enabled.

3. Make sure the wireless router is turned on. Test your laptop with another wireless router if you can.

4. If the laptop can connect to the wireless router but cannot access the Internet, make sure that your wireless card settings match the wireless router settings. Make sure the security key in your laptop matches the securing key entered in the wireless router.

5. Access the device manager and try uninstalling the wireless adapter. Restart the laptop and let it redetect the adapter and reinstall the device driver.

6. Visit the manufacturer’s website and download the wireless card driver. Try reinstalling the driver.

7. Back up all personal data and try reinstalling the operating system from scratch.

8. If all software tricks do not work and all settings are correct, but you still cannot access the wireless network, try replacing the wireless card.

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