Laptop Starts With Pinkish Screen After A While The Screen Goes Completely Dark.

Problem description:

The laptop starts with a pinkish screen. All white colors have a slight pink tint to them. After a while, the screen goes completely dark. If you restart the laptop it starts with a pinkish screen again but after some time it goes dark again. Time intervals between screen failures may vary after each restart. If you reduce the screen brightness, the screen stays on for a longer time.

Possible cause:

Backlight lamp failure.

Possible troubleshooting steps and repair solution:

Most likely this problem is related to the backlight lamp failure. The backlight lamp starts failing because it’s getting old.
You can replace the backlight lamp inside the LCD screen which should be done only by an experienced technician.
Alternatively, you can replace the entire LCD screen. This repair is less time-consuming and could be done at home by yourself.

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