Laptop Starts With Blue Screen Error After It Was Dropped

Problem description:

The laptop starts with a blue screen error after it was dropped.
The laptop turns on as normal, starts loading Windows, displays a blue screen error, and reboots on its own.

Possible cause:

1. Memory module popped out from the slot.
2. Hard drive got disconnected from the motherboard.
3. Hard drive failed.

Possible troubleshooting steps and repair solution:

If the laptop stopped booting properly after it was dropped, check the memory modules first. It’s possible that one of the memory modules popped out and not making good contact with the memory slot. Try reconnecting both memory modules.

Also, take a look at the connection between the hard drive and motherboard. Make sure the hard drive is plugged all the way into the connector. It’s possible that the hard drive got partially disconnected from the motherboard.  Try reconnecting the hard drive.

It’s possible that the hard drive was damaged. Run hard drive diagnostic utility and if it fails test replace the hard drive.

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