Laptop Starts Loading, Gives Blue Screen Error And Reboots

Problem description:

The laptop starts loading Windows, gives a blue screen error, and reboots by itself. On the next start, the same problem occurs again.

Possible cause:

1. Software-related failure.
2. Faulty memory module.
3. Faulty hard drive.

Possible troubleshooting steps and repair solution:

Most likely this problem is related to corrupted software, memory module failure, or hard drive failure.

1. Turn on the laptop and press the F8 key when the logo appears on the screen. You’ll see the boot menu.
– Try using Last Known Good Configuration.
– Try to boot the laptop in Safe Mode and if you can do that, go to the system restore and revert your system to the previous restore point.

2. Test laptop memory. As a memory test utility you can use Memtest86+. If you are getting error messages, replace the faulty memory module.

3. Test laptop hard drive. You’ll find many different hard drive tests on the UBCD disc (Ultimate Boot CD). Just google UBCD. Replace the hard drive if it fails the test.
I usually use Hitachi’s drive fitness test, it works well with many different brands. You’ll find this test on UBCD or just google Hitachi DFT.

4. If memory and hard drive passed the test, try reinstalling the operating system from scratch.

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