Laptop Sound Garbled

Problem description:

The laptop starts properly but the sound coming from the laptop speakers and headphones is garbled.

Possible cause:

1. Software-related problem.
2. Failed sound card.

Possible troubleshooting steps and repair solution:

If you hear garbled audio from both the laptop speakers and headphones plugged into the audio jack, this problem is not related to the laptop speakers. It’s either a software-related problem or the laptop has a failed sound card.

1. Try reinstalling the audio driver. You can download the latest audio driver from the manufacturer’s website.

2. In some cases reinstalling just the audio driver doesn’t help to fix the problem. Try reinstalling the operating system from scratch. Back up all personal files and run the laptop recovery disc or installation CD.

3. If the is still there even after reinstalling the operating system, this is related to the sound card.

Unfortunately, in most (if not all) laptops the sound card is integrated into the motherboard. When the sound card fails, you have to replace the whole motherboard.

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