Laptop Works Fine But After A While Shuts Down On Its Own

Problem description:

The laptop works fine for a while but after some time shuts down on its own without any warning. After you restart the laptop it works fine but lately shuts down again. When you touch the bottom of the laptop, it feels hot.

Possible cause:

The problem is related to .
1. The cooling system is clogged with dust.
2. .

Possible troubleshooting steps and repair solution:

If the on its own without any warning and the bottom of the laptop feels hot, most likely it happens because of overheating.

1. Try cleaning the cooling system – heatsink and cooling fan. Take a look inside the heat sink and if it’s clogged with dust, blow off the heat sink with compressed air.

2. Make sure the cooling fan is spinning. If the fan doesn’t spin when the laptop is hot, it’s possible the fan has failed and has to be replaced. Replace the fan with a new one.

3. Check thermal grease between the processor and heat sink. If thermal grease dried out, you have to clean the processor from the old grease and apply a thin layer of new thermal grease.

Always use your laptop on a flat surface. Make sure there is some space between the bottom of the laptop and the surface. In most, the cooling system air intakes are located on the bottom. If you close them, the laptop will overheat and shut down.

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