Laptop Screen Shows Wrong Colors

Problem description:

The laptop screen shows the wrong colors.

Possible cause:

1. LCD screen failure.
2. Video cable failure.
3. Corrupted video driver.
4. Video card failure.

Possible troubleshooting steps and repair solution:

1. Test the laptop with video on the external monitor. If wrong colors appear only on the laptop screen and video on the external monitor works fine, the problem could be related to the LCD screen or video cable.
– try reseating the video cable connection on the LCD screen.
– try reseating the video cable connection on the motherboard.
– replace the LCD screen.
– replace the video cable.

If colors on the screen appear to be inverted and the image looks like a negative, most likely it is the LCD screen failure.

2. If wrong colors appear on both internal and external screens, the problem could be related to the corrupted video driver or faulty video card.
– try reinstalling the video driver.
– try reinstalling the operating system from scratch and installing the video driver.
– if the first two steps do not help, most likely you have a failed video card.

Most newer laptops have video cards integrated into the motherboard. The integrated video card cannot be removed and replaced separately from the motherboard. When an integrated video card fails, it’s necessary to replace the whole motherboard.

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