Laptop Screen Flickers On And Off

Problem description:

The laptop screen flickers on and off.

Possible cause:

1. Screen inverter failure.
2. Backlight lamp failure.
3. Bad video cable.
4. Video card failure.

Possible troubleshooting steps and repair solution:

First of all, take a closer look at the screen when it flickers. Is it losing just the backlight and the image stays on the screen or it loses both the backlight and image?

1. Laptop loses backlight and image when screen flickers.
– test your laptop with video on an external monitor. If video flickers on both the laptop screen and external monitor, there is a problem with the video card.
– if you see flickering only on the laptop screen, it’s either a bad video cable or a faulty LCD screen. Try reconnecting the video cable. Try replacing the video cable. Try replacing the LCD screen.

2. Laptop loses only backlight when screen flickers. The image is always on the screen.
– bad screen inverter board. Replace the inverter board.
– bad backlight lamp inside the LCD screen. Replace the LCD screen.

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