Laptop Powers On To Blank Black Screen

Problem description:

The laptop powers on to a blank black screen. The screen has no image and will not light up. The hard drive light will not blink. The laptop turns on but nothing happens.

Possible cause:

1. Memory failure.
2. Motherboard failure.
3. CPU failure.

Possible troubleshooting steps and repair solution:

Test the laptop with an external monitor and confirm that there is no video on the external screen.

If the laptop powers on to a blank black screen, check the laptop memory first. It’s very likely that you have memory related failure.

Try reconnecting the memory module, maybe it’s not making good contact with the slot.

Try moving the memory module into another slot, maybe the first slot failed.

If you have two memory modules installed in your laptop, remove them one by one. One of the memory modules could be bad (it’s very unlikely that both modules failed at the same time).  Test the laptop with each module separately, try different slots.

If you have only one memory module installed, try replacing it with a new memory.

If reconnecting, replacing memory modules doesn’t help, most likely this is motherboard failure. Replace the motherboard.

CPU failures are very rare but it happens once in a while. From my experience, you can get one or two failed CPUs on a hundred failed motherboards.

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