Laptop Optical Drive Will Not Eject Disc

Problem description:

The laptop optical drive will not eject a CD or DVD disc. When you press on the eject button, the drive light blinking but the tray will not open up. The disc is stuck inside the optical drive.

Possible cause:

Optical drive failure.

Possible troubleshooting steps and repair solution:

This is the optical drive (CD/DVD drive) failure. Most likely there is a mechanical failure inside the drive and it has to be replaced.

If you have a stuck CD or DVD disc inside the drive, you can try opening the drive with a straightened paper clip. Insert the clip into the hole on the optical drive door and push the clip into the drive until the tray opens up. Remove the stuck disc.

If you prefer, you can purchase an external USB optical drive and use it instead of the internal optical drive. It’s very convenient when you plan to replace your laptop with a new one in the near future. You can dispose of the old laptop but keep the external USB optical drive and use it with any other computer.

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