Laptop Makes Weird Rotating Noise

Problem description:

The laptop makes weird rotating noise. The noise either starts as soon as the laptop is turned on or it starts intermittently.

Possible cause:

1. DVD drive failure.
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Possible troubleshooting steps and repair solution:

There are only three parts inside the laptop able to make weird rotating noise.

1. If the noise starts when you are playing a CD or DVD disc, most likely it’s related to the optical drive failure. Test the optical drive with different CD and DVD discs. If the with all discs, replace the optical drive.

2. Take a look inside the fan grill on the bottom. If the noise appears when the fan starts spinning, most likely you have a faulty cooling fan. Replace the fan.

3. The last part able to create weird rotating noise is the hard drive. If the laptop freezes while making noise, it’s possible that you have a failing hard drive. In this case, back up all personal data ASAP because the hard drive can fail at any moment. Do not store any important data on a noisy hard drive.

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