Laptop Makes A Lot Of Noise When You Turn In On

Problem Description:

The laptop makes a lot of noise when it’s on. The noise was getting worse over time.

Possible cause:

1. The cooling module is clogged with dust.
2. The cooling fan failure.
3. Hard drive failure.

Possible troubleshooting steps and repair solution:

First of all, take a look int the cooling module. It’s possible that the cooling an is clogged with dust and the laptop makes a lot of noise because of that.
Clean the cooling fan and heat sink and test the laptop again.

If the only when the cooling fan spins, most likely you have a faulty fan. Try replacing the cooling fan.

The hard drive also can be a source of loud noise. Remove the hard drive and boot your laptop from a Live Linux CD (you can use Knoppix). Test the laptop for a while. If the noise is gone when the hard drive is removed, most likely you have a faulty hard drive. If that’s the case, back up all personal data from the hard drive as soon as possible because it may fail any time.

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