Laptop Keyboard Stopped Working

Problem description:

The laptop keyboard stopped working. The laptop starts as normal and loads the operating system, but none of the keys are working. The touchpad works normally.

Possible cause:

1. Software-related issue.
2. Bad keyboard.
3. Failed motherboard.
4. Keyboard is not connected to the motherboard.

Possible troubleshooting steps and repair solution:

1. Test the keyboard on the BIOS level. Restart the laptop and enter the BIOS setup menu. Can you use the keyboard in there? If yes, most likely you have a software-related problem. Reinstalling the operating system from scratch will fix it.

2. Test the keyboard in Safe Mode. If the keyboard works in Safe Mode but not in normal mode, again it’s a software-related problem. Try reinstalling the operating system.

3. If the keyboard doesn’t work in Safe Mode or BIOS level, most likely you have a bad keyboard and it has to be replaced.

4. If the problem still exists even after replacing the keyboard, most likely it’s the motherboard failure.

If you suspect that someone worked on the laptop before, remove the keyboard and make sure the keyboard cable is connected to the motherboard.

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