Laptop Has Green Dots In All Black Images On Screen

Problem description:

The laptop has green flickering dots in all black images on the screen. The green dots appear in different spots without any pattern. There is no problem with light images, you can see green dots only in dark images.
The image is perfect on the external monitor.

Possible cause:

1. Bad connection between cable and video card.
2. Faulty video cable.
3. LCD screen failure.

Possible troubleshooting steps and repair solution:

The green dots appears only on the laptop screen and the laptop works perfectly with the external monitor. That means the laptop video card works properly and it’s not a software-related problem.

1. Check the connection between the video cable and the video card/motherboard. Make sure the cable is plugged correctly, all the way into the connector. Try reconnecting the video cable.

2. It’s possible that there is a pinched wire inside the video harness and because of that, the LCD screen is not getting proper data signal from the motherboard. As a result that, you see all these green dots in black images. Try replacing the video cable.

3. If reconnecting or replacing the video cable doesn’t fix the problem, most likely this is related to the LCD screen failure. Try replacing the LCD screen.

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