Laptop Hard Drive Light Stays Lit Constantly

Problem Description:

The laptop hard drive light stays lit constantly. After the laptop is turned on, the initial logo appears on the screen and after that, the hard drive light comes on and stays lit without blinking. The operating system will not load.

Possible cause:

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2. Motherboard failure.

Possible troubleshooting steps and repair solution:

Most likely this problem is related to the hard drive failure and the hard drive has to be replaced. If replacing the hard drive doesn’t fix it, apparently this is the motherboard failure. There is a slight chance that you have a faulty hard drive controller on the motherboard and the hard drive not working properly because of that.

Here’s one way to test the hard drive. Remove the hard drive and install it into an external USB enclosure. You can find this enclosure in any local computer store for $15-20. After the hard drive is installed, plug the enclosure into any other working computer. If the drive will not appear on My Computer and you cannot access it, you have a bad hard drive.

Also, you can use this external enclosure to back up personal files in case if you have a motherboard failure.

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