Laptop Backlight Stopped Working

Problem description:

The laptop backlight stopped working without any reason. The screen was working fine a while ago but now it’s very dark. The image is still on the screen but it’s barely visible. When the laptop rebooted, the screen remains very dark.

Possible cause:

1. Backlight inverter failure.
2. Backlight lamp failure.

Possible troubleshooting steps and repair solution:

1. Most likely this is related to the backlight inverter failure. The inverter board is installed inside the laptop display panel and in most models mounted below the LCD screen. When the inverter board fails, the laptop screen goes completely dark and the data on the screen becomes barely visible. There is a good chance to fix the backlight problem by replacing the inverter board.

2. If a new inverter doesn’t fix the problem, apparently you have a faulty backlight lamp inside the LCD screen. Replace the LCD screen.

It is possible to replace just the backlight lamp but it’s not easy and should be done by an experienced technician.

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