Horizontal Lines On Laptop Screen When Display Moved

Problem description:

Horizontal lines appear on the laptop screen when the laptop display panel is moved. Video on the external monitor works fine even when you move the laptop display. This problem appears only on the laptop screen.

Possible cause:

1. Poor connection between the video cable and LCD screen.
2. Bad video cable.
3. LCD screen failure.

Possible troubleshooting steps and repair solution:

If horizontal lines appear only on the laptop screen, the problem is somewhere inside the laptop display panel.

1. Could be a poor connection between the video cable and LCD screen. Reconnecting the video cable connection on the back of the LCD screen can fix the problem. Make sure the video cable is plugged correctly, all the way into the connector.

2. Could be damaged or defective video cable. Try replacing the video cable with a new one.

3. If reconnecting or replacing the video cable doesn’t fix the problem, most likely this is the LCD screen failure. Replace the LCD screen.

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