Dvd Drive Makes Clicking Noise When Cd Or Dvd Disc Inside

Problem description:

The laptop DVD drive makes a clicking noise then there is a CD or DVD disc inside the drive. The drive cannot read any CD or DVD disc.

Possible cause:

1. A foreign object is stuck inside the DVD drive and blocks the tray.
2. DVD drive failure.

Possible troubleshooting steps and repair solution:

1. Open up the DVD drive and take a look inside. Make sure there is no foreign object inside the drive.

2. Test your drive with a few different CD or DVD discs. Make sure the problem is not related to one particular disc. If the clicking noise appears with only one particular CD or DVD disc, it’s a bad disc.

3. Most likely this is the DVD drive failure. Replace the laptop DVD drive with a new one or buy an external USB optical drive instead of the internal optical drive.

If you have a stuck disc inside the optical drive and the drive will not open when you press the eject button, you can remove the disc using a straightened paper clip. Insert the clip into the hole on the front bezel and push it inside the drive until the door opens up. Remove the disc.

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