All Laptop USB Ports Stopped Working

Problem description:

All laptop USB ports stopped working. You tested them with a few different USB devices but none of them is detected. When you plug a USB device into either USB port, the laptop doesn’t react at all.

Possible cause:

1. Software-related problem.
2. Motherboard problem.

Possible troubleshooting steps and repair solution:

It’s likely that all USB ports stopped working because of software-related problems.

1. Enter the device manager and uninstall all USB-related entries found in Universal Serial Bus controllers. Restart the laptop and let it redetect USB ports and reinstall drivers.

2. If manipulations with the device manager do not help, try reinstalling the operating system. It’s possible that reinstalling the operating system will fix your USB ports.

If reinstalling the operating system doesn’t help, most likely it’s a hardware-related problem. You’ll have to replace the motherboard because all USB ports are controlled by a circuit integrated into the motherboard.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to replace the motherboard, you can use a PCMCIA USB card.

You plug this card into the available PC slot in your laptop and get 2 or 4 USB ports instead.

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